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Vintage photos are back with the Fujifilm 50s


I was introduced to the instant print camera scene by a friend, who was looking to purchase one while visiting. Now polaroids as we all know have stopped being produced and the films themselves are pretty expensive if you need to buy them. But with technology evolving ever so quickly and the popularity of instagram, people have started wanting to get back into shooting polaroids because they are fun and unique and instant! So my friend was eyeing this piece of hardware called the Fujifilm instal mini 50s. At AU$100-120 it is worth the money for something so cool and handy. Why get an instant camera you ask? well let me elaborate.

The world is getting more and more digital, and this means we are losing touch with tangible objects. Photos are now always viewed on a screen and we have lost our love for physical art. With all of this happening, more people want to go back to their roots. There are more painters popping up, more print designers doing amazing work, and the love for all things purist, is re-emerging. with that, the instant camera is coming back in and a low-cost solution like the Fujifilm 50s is doing it’s best to make that love stay.

What is it? and what does it do ?


The camera comes in two colours and looks like the old school polaroid ones. It has a standard point and shoot type lens that has a focal distance of 60mm, and prints out photos on InstaXpaper film which is 62 x 46mm in size ( about the size of a business card). It has a few flash modes to enable different lighting conditions and a small LED screen to display vital information about the modes and number of shots remaining.

Here’s a list of all the specifications it has in detail , but do you know why that doesn’t make a difference? because the point of the camera isn’t to be great pixel ratio, high shutter speed or lowlight capabilities. The point of the camera is to take instant pictures with decent enough clarity and print them out instantly.

Why go Insta-print?


well like I said, it’s for those who want to collect photos, take pictures of the moments that cannot be edited or changed, so that you remember them exactly how they were. To unplug yourselves from the digital word and have photos in your hands for once. The other reason is that if you do take pictures of someone as memory, you can just give them the picture, which has more value than uploading the picture on Facebook and tagging them in it. We are a generation so lost in our digital world that we have forgotten the real one. This also makes for fantastic collages that you can create to make special thank you cards or posters to show people you care. 🙂

The camera also comes in a wide version which is called the Instax 210s which I has a bigger print size of 62x99mm, which means bigger photos. It has less focusing power and zoom.

Have an interesting tech device that brings back the old school vibes? let me know in the comments. and what would you prefer? the bigger 210s or the 50s? I am currently debating that myself.





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