Hi, My name is Teague. This blog is going to feature some interesting and amazing gadgets and tech related stuff that you have probably heard about, but never really took the time to read up on. It’s going to help you decide if you need it, or if its just a luxury bragging right. Whether it will help you live smarter, or just break your bank for no reason and end up becoming a paperweight.

Anyways I will be rounding up some of the newest and exciting gadgets and tech stuff within the following weeks so hope you guys will find this stuff interesting.

I will be speaking from first hand experience (or second at least) so expect some suggestions and helpful hints from a user’s point of view. Feel free to drop a comment or ask me anything, or even start a debate on why iPhones are better than Android (yeah.. they are). Well moving on to my first post, coming up next. I will be writing about this nifty Fitbit Flex by Fitbit which I bought over the last weekend. enjoy


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